When considering new marketing strategies for your company, it’s important not to forget that your potential clients are not limited to individual consumers. Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing is a highly effective way to broaden your customer base to those business that might benefit from your products or services in some way. Maybe you want to sell them your stuff? Maybe, you think your businesses could create a mutually beneficial partnership, so to speak? A great way to get the word out about your company and products is through white papers.

The name sounds boring, we know. It probably sounds like something you gave to your college Composition professor back in the day. Well, it sort of is. Only, this one actually matters! White papers are informational resources that are created to promote a product or service, usually to other businesses. Well, aren’t all marketing gimmicks supposed to do that? Yes. But, here’s where a marketing white paper is different from everything else you might try.

  • White papers aren’t flashy. They aren’t filled with hot selling points and catch phrases designed to entice impulse buyers.
  • White papers are longer in length. Many other marketing efforts may hover around 500 words or so, but these will typically range around 2500 words, or longer.
  • White papers offer technical information about a product (called “backgrounders”).
  • White papers provide valuable tips, points, or benefits about your product or service (called “numbered lists”).
  • White papers give your audience reasons why your product offers the best, most improved solutions to common challenges in your industry (known as problem/solution white papers).

The point is, you will always find that they types of clientele that make up your “perfect customer” will vary, so your marketing strategies should, too. The academic format of a white paper allows you to impress other businesses with the statistics, background history, product formation, and all of the other textbook information that truly does make your company and products great, both on paper, and in reality.

To learn more about marketing with white papers, and if this would be an appropriate tool for your next marketing strategy, contact our offices to schedule a free, no-hassle consultation. We’d love to help you expand your customer base to other businesses around the region, country, and world.