5 Critical Elements of a Vocational School Website

5 Critical Elements of a Vocational School Website

In today’s Internet savvy society, every school has a website. But could your vocational school website be doing more harm that good? To stand out from the masses, a school website should have compelling content and visual appeal, be engaging and informative, and reflect the school.If it’s lacking any of this you could be repelling visitors instead of enticing them to log on.

Check out the following five critical elements a vocational school website must have.


The first thing people see when they visit your site should be a compelling headline that describes the most important benefit your product or service offers. The headline is the key element of your site. It’s what will persuade visitors to stick around and check out what you have to offer. Your headline should be well written, clear, concise and to the point. Use a large font size, bolding, italics, a different color-whatever suits the style of your site. 

Calls to Action

Every page of a website has a purpose, and in most cases that purpose is to lead users to perform some action—whether making a purchase, signing up for a subscription, or just continuing to explore the site. To make the desired action as clear as possible, calls to action need to be obvious and strong. Make use of other design elements, like white space, color, and contrast, along with the content of the page to direct users toward the desired action, and then explicitly encourage them to take it.

Good Content

Another crucial area that should be addressed is the content that you place onto your web pages. Creating a good content is key to ensuring your website not only works effectively but is relevant to your audience. In order to create meaningful content, you will need to work out your target audience and create content that’s based on them. People want to know how events will affect them in different ways. By relating your content to current events and trending issues, you make your content relevant and relatable to your audience.

Easy to Navigate

This is yet another area that requires attention if you want more potential students to find your institution’s offerings. Navigation structure refers to how your Web pages have been designed as well as laid out. Every course should receive its own landing page. If you lack a dedicated landing page for each course, it’ll be virtually impossible for your school to rank for search queries that are non-branded.

Using tabs is an excellent way of controlling your course pages’ content to keep these pages at reasonable lengths.

Contact Info

Make it we easy for your website visitors to get in touch with you by displaying your contact information. It should be displayed prominently in an easy to find area. 64% of your website visitors want your contact info.  However, 44% will leave your site if they cannot find it.

With your unique needs in mind, you can create an effective website that provides value while also including cutting-edge features. Simple navigation, mobility, and the automation of essential processes improves school efficiency and makes it easier for everyone to find what they need on your website.

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