Yes, our name is a bit unique, and it’s just one example of how we are not your average web marketing company.

When you first heard about our company, you may have asked yourself a few questions like, “What kind of web marketing company is named Neon Goldfish? What does that even mean, anyways? This company can’t possibly be any typical marketing business.” You’re right!

The Birth of Something Great

It all began back in 1990-something, when two high school guys living in Monroe, MI sat around dreaming of their futures. Their ultimate plan… starting a garage band. The first thing Ken and DJ needed was a killer band name. Finally they settled on one: Neon Goldfish. Although the band never made it big, that name would later bring success on a whole other level.

NGF fish iconFast-forward to 2007, and two dreamers found themselves all grown up, working in different areas of the marketing industry. One day, while enjoying a beer or two, Ken Franzen and Justin Johnson began discussing new, yet far-off possibilities of collaborating together in their “adult careers.” The longer they talked, the more they realized that they actually had similar goals, ideals, and a work ethic that could blend together to create a successful marketing company. Their unique backgrounds within the marketing industry, joining together, could be the perfect offering for potential clients. And, as the cliché goes, the rest is history.

Ken and Justin sat down to pick the perfect name for their new enterprise; they needed a name that would be even more memorable than that kick-ass garage band Ken dreamed about as a kid. That’s when they realized that the name Neon Goldfish was the perfect name to choose, just not for a band. To their good fortune, Ken’s attraction to the name led him to register the domain name a few short years after its conception. Neon Goldfish was the name they chose, and Ken and Justin have never looked back since.

Now, Neon Goldfish has expanded their offices to two locations, headquartered in Holland, Ohio with a second office based in Orlando, Florida. With two locations, we can uniquely serve clients throughout the U.S, from Hartford to San Francisco to Orlando, and everywhere in between.