5 Tips to Make Your School’s Email Marketing a Success

Successfully Transform Your Trade School’s Email Marketing Efforts

Nowadays, our email inboxes are becoming filled with more junk mail than our traditional mailboxes ever did. Most email providers and office management services actually offer junk mail folders just to sort through our mail for us, keeping us from ever seeing the majority of those daily notifications.

And, most of us are really thankful for this feature. So, as a vocational or trade school, how do you create an email marketing strategy that actually reaches your potential students’ inboxes, and captures their interest enough to open up the messages?

Get the most out of your vocational school email marketing program.

The key is to sit down with your web marketing team and evaluate your current email marketing strategy to determine what’s working and what’s not. Then you adapt your efforts in order to better reach your target. Here are a few tips your web marketing professionals may recommend.

  1. Start Off With a Bang! Be sure to start each email off with a subject line that is catchy and unforgettable. Email triggers will hold your readers’ attention and prompt them to continue reading the rest of the message. Then, finish up the email with a strong Call-to-Action. This encourages your audience to take further steps to connect with you.
  2. Follow-Up. This cannot be emphasized enough. Once you’ve connected with your audience, be sure to follow-up quickly. Send them an email “Thank You” for filling out a survey, or communicate with them via email exactly where they are in the application process. Don’t break the chain of communication throughout the waiting period. Let your potential students feel confident that you are still interested in them.
  3. Incorporate Strategically Planned Email Preview Text. In case you don’t know what this is, Preview text is the first bit of information that your readers see when looking at your email in their inbox. Keep your preview text interesting and relevant to your subject line. By connecting the two, your audience will not only be enticed to read on, but will also get a clear picture of what the rest of the email will be about.
  4. Keep The Message Simple– Don’t try to trick or mislead your readers with your message. Keep your message clear and focused, highlighting what’s happening and relevant to what’s happening at your school. Let the good stuff speak for itself.
  5. Design Your Layout- If your email marketing strategy consists of regular emails being to prospective students, keep your layout design consistent every time. If you send out regular newsletters, blog notifications, or event calendars, keep the design the same and simply change the content. Repetitive features that are given fresh looks on a frequent basis provide recipients with reliability and familiarity while still offering them a sense of surprise and intrigue.

Stay in contact with your past, present, and future students through a highly effective email marketing campaign that everyone actually wants to read. Don’t keep pouring your resources into communication strategies that literally become junk.

Ask the experts at Neon Goldfish how we can turn your email marketing campaign into a successful effort for increasing enrollment at your school.