7 Questions To Ask About Your Current Landscape Website

7 Questions To Ask About Your Current Landscape Website

It’s always exciting to jump into something new.

New efforts bring a sense of excitement and vigor to everything you do.

The decision to redesign a company website is no different. No matter how comfortable you are with an old website design, it can become outdated, unappealing, and ineffective in the blink of an eye.

If your landscape company website is chasing away your potential clients faster than your pros can get rid of those annoying lawn pests that destroy everything around, then it’s time to consider a fresh new website design.

It might cost you a little time, energy, and money, but the investment will have a big pay-off that will make you all excited about the work you do to beautify landscapes day after day.

But when is it time to update your website?

#1: Is Updating Your Website A Hassle?

We understand that not everyone at your company will be tech-savvy or hold multiple certifications or degrees in marketing or web design. But, if you get a headache just thinking about the idea of fixing a misspelled word or updating a calendar on your website, take that as a sign that it needs to be updated.

You shouldn’t need to hire a professional for every simple change that needs to be made to your site. This is not economical nor is it practical. Of course, there will be many changes that are best left up to the pros to handle, but if your website is too complicated for you or someone on your team to edit occasionally, then it’s time to rethink this crucial web marketing strategy.

#2: Have Your Landscaping Services Changed?

Have you added services or capabilities that you want to promote to your customer base? When important elements of your company have changed, it’s important to look at how it’s going to be highlighted on your website.

This might mean restructuring the layout of your site to emphasize any new content that your clientele should see immediately.

#3: Have You Revamped Your Company’s Brand?

Logos, color schemes, photographic images: these are just a few aspects that influence the design of your website. Has your landscape company made any changes to these elements since the development of your website?

It’s important that your website accurately reflects your company’s brand.

#4: What Is Your Differentiating Factor?

When potential clients visit your website for the first time, it should be clear from each first encounter what sets your landscape company apart from the competition. If potential clients are forgetting about your company as quickly as they can click off the page, then your current content just isn’t cutting it anymore.

You should be leveraging your website content to move your site viewers to become customers. Your website will be their first opportunity to discover what makes you the perfect choice for them. If your marketing message isn’t clear, then it’s time to reevaluate and start over with a fresh, new site that will do the job right.

#5: When Was The Last Time You Received A Lead?

Your analytics show that visitors are stopping on your site. They may even stay on your site for a good minute or two, (which is an eternity for users who are always in a hurry online).

But, if that traffic isn’t being transferred to increased sales, customer contacts, and company growth, then it would be wise to look for new ways to improve your website.

It’s time to finally make your website start working for you!

#6: Is It Obviously Outdated?

Trends change. Current web content is no longer applicable to your business. Are your most recent customer ratings or testimonials from years ago? Do your users spend more time waiting for your website to load or buffer than they do browsing through the content?

If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to do something about that. Redesign your website to ensure that your customers are getting clear, concise, up-to-date landscaping information that is relevant and appealing to their needs today.

#7: Are You Mobile Ready?

This is not a new problem that companies have recently stumbled upon. After all, people no longer rely on desktop computers as their primary access to the internet. Today, cell phones and tablets bring landscaping websites like yours right to the fingertips of consumers.

But, if your website’s design doesn’t adapt for varying viewing platforms, then it’s urgent that you redesign your website immediately. Interested in learning more about how to find the right web designer for your upcoming redesign?

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