Since our inception, Neon Goldfish has taken pride in being a full service internet marketing solutions provider. But, what does this mean for you, the client? Most marketing agencies will design your website, may provide some web content, and can help you create a logo. So, what sets Neon Goldfish apart from the rest?

From the onset, our company’s humble beginnings have sprung from uniquely creative dreams. Our story is one-of-a-kind, and we consistently hear from our clients that it was one of the most memorable and influential factors that drew them back to us. Like us, your company has a history filled with unique beginnings, too. Your dreams and business goals are as individual as your beginnings, and your marketing solutions should reflect what sets you apart from the rest. At Neon Goldfish, we are committed to creating customized marketing solutions to ensure that yours is the name and story that your potential clients will remember most.

Neon Goldfish offers the perfect fit for your marketing needs.

When you choose Neon Goldfish, a complete team of skilled experts in the marketing industry strategically work together to produce customized, highly effective marketing solutions that highlight the best of what your company has to offer.


Putting your vision to work for you, with specialized marketing solutions that work with you and for you. Are you hands-on, or do you want to leave the marketing to the pros? No matter your interest level, we work to keep you involved throughout the partnership.


Who is your perfect customer? At Neon Goldfish, we create a custom message to help you reach your target audience. No more wasting time, energy, and money on generic, forgettable marketing efforts. We want to keep you relevant and your potential clients captivated through the perfect marketing connection.


People have money to spend. Why should they spend it with you? Your potential customers are surrounded with marketing garbage everywhere. Most of the time, they trash it, ignore it, or avoid it at all costs. Your message needs to be exciting and memorable if you want to attract and connect with your customer base.


Don’t keep your marketing efforts stuck in the dark ages of the printing press. Everything changes. Your potential customers change, and the way they shop and look for services changes, too. The ways you connect with them must change with the times, too, if you expect to see growth and increased success. At Neon Goldfish, we understand the changes in marketing, from branding to SEO content and social media marketing, and build your business an innovative and customized marketing solutions plan that changes as the newest lines of technological gadgets make news headlines.

At Neon Goldfish, we understand that the “who, what, when, where, and why” of every online marketing strategy we create for our clients matters. How can you trust the growth of your company to an agency that doesn’t communicate with you, or who fails to listen to your interests and ideals? The answer…you can’t and you shouldn’t!

You deserve the peace of mind knowing who is performing the work for your online marketing strategies.

What should you be able to expect along the way?

You will feel more confident that your marketing is in the most capable hands possible once you know when your work will be done, and that the right individuals are held accountable to make sure the work gets done on time.

Where are your marketing efforts being focused, and where do your interests and ideals fit into the equation? And finally…

Why is online marketing an important strategy to your specific company’s advertising efforts? Will your investment really pay off in the end?

The Neon Goldfish Process has always been a fundamental key to our success, and to the growth of the clients we serve. Our time-tested strategies allow us to provide the highest quality of service possible, in the shortest amount of time possible. Our highly skilled staff is trained on every step of the process in order to keep our clients informed and included from start to finish. Our goal is to provide you with the confidence you deserve, knowing your marketing strategies are truly working for you.

The Neon Goldfish Guarantee

We are not 100% satisfied with your project until you are 100% satisfied with your project. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, therefore the work is never done until you say it is.