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Daryl Jervis Dance Studio

More Than a Studio https://daryljervisdance.com/

Project Overview

Daryl Jervis Dance Studio needed help updating their website. When they attempted to contact their then website provider, they were not as responsive as Daryl Jervis had hoped.

Neon Goldfish met with the Daryl Jervis Dance team to learn more about the solutions they were looking for.  DJ Dance realized their website was lacking the functionality that her customers needed.  After partnering with Neon Goldfish, we were able to make the updates to her current site right away while we planned our strategy for an overhaul of their website.

We crafted a solution for a redesigned website that helped Daryl Jervis Dance:Daryl Jarvis Dance Studio Neon Goldfish

  • Easier to find information about classes
  • Easier to navigate and view event calendar
  • A way for her students to submit payments online
  • Easier way for new students to register for classes and submit online payment for the registration fee
  • Setup of the CMS (still in WordPress) that is easy for the DJDS staff to manage and make website changes themselves
  • Secure hosting and email setup
  • Training on how to operate the website
  • Full support for any questions that popped up along the way
  • Establish confidence in a partner for her website

We took the needs of the client into account and handcrafted a website from the ground up that exceeded expectations and created the functionality that Daryl Jervis Dance Studio was looking for.


By partnering with Neon Goldfish, Daryl Jarvis Dance Studio was able to update their website. We made it easier for her clients and staff to navigate the new site and in turn bring more people to her website. Neon Goldfish was able to create a custom solution for her site’s e-commerce, which helped her staff keep track of registrations and payments. By introducing and automating online payments, we were able to help free up the staff to teach their passions, instead of spending time on the phone or agonizing over an outdated clunky website.

Services Provided

  • Website Redesign
  • Custom Web Development
  • eCommerce


I wanted it to be more user-friendly for my customers, now there is a feature where they can go online they can pay online, which makes life so much easier. They can register online we can send them emails right back. It makes life so much easier for both the customers and also us on the business side.

Jen Shubeta-Harris

Jen Shubeta-Harris

Owner/Artistic Director Teacher and Choreographer