What’s Wrong with Your Marketing Strategy?

The Missing Puzzle Piece: Determining what’s wrong with Your Content Marketing Strategy

The world of online content marketing can be a fickle thing sometimes. What seems to be working one minute can become yesterday’s news the next. That’s the trouble with the digital world. Along with the amazing benefits that come from trends and fads in the online world, there is also the uncertainty that something new will come along tomorrow. Just look at the social media world, for example. It wasn’t that long ago that MySpace with the go-to place to connect with new people. Now, we have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and a whole slew of social media outlets that pushed MySpace into ancient history.

So what do you do when your business is knee-deep in a marketing system that just isn’t producing the desired results you once experienced in the past? How can you expect to see growth in the immediate future when everything sees stagnant? Don’t lose heart. Your can bring new life to your marketing efforts with the expert advice of a web marketing professional.

What's the missing component to your marketing strategy?

Tips to Adapt Your Content Marketing Strategy For Success

  • Data Analysis Talk with your web marketing professional about your marketing metrics. How are your various efforts performing? How are most clients connecting with your company online? Do you need to experiment with A/B testing to determine if your website needs to be modified? What blogging themes seem to be most relevant to your audience and which ones seem to be missing the mark? The point of data analysis is to determine what’s driving your traffic and what efforts simply aren’t cutting it.
  • Make Adjustments Right Away Be proactive and make any necessary changes right away. Once you’ve determined what content marketing efforts just aren’t working, you can work with your web marketing professional to determine which new possibilities could fit your company’s needs. Don’t cling to old marketing methods that just aren’t producing results, no matter how much you think they could work in the future. Don’t be afraid to venture out into new territory and try something different.
  • Be Consistent and Committed Be on time and keep your schedule of events. Reliability and dependability are good for you and your customers. Even though you may be a in dry spell with your current web marketing system, don’t push your marketing efforts into the corner and focus on other aspects of running your business. The specifics of your marketing strategy are crucial for the growth of your company, so keep reevaluating and exploring new marketing avenues.
  • Budget Wisely. These days, most businesses have to watch their budgets closely, just like many American buyers. Don’t spread your resources thin trying to cram every imaginable marketing trick into your overall marketing system. Use the information you acquire from your web analytics to determine which outlets offer the most bang for your buck. Pour your funds into what’s working, eliminate what’s not, and investigate new arenas to try out for future endeavors.
  • Set Achievement Goals Part of vision casting for future growth involves goal setting. This gives you a tangible measuring stick to gauge your successes and failures. Try setting 30-60-90 day short-term goals for what you’d like to see change with your sales. Then you can look further out into the calendar year for long-term goals your business hopes to reach.

Great new content awaits your customers. Don’t sit by while your competition is reaching them first. Connect with us today at Neon Goldfish and we can help your business grow by creating intriguing, relevant, useful content that your clients are searching for.