Key Components of An Effective Home Improvement Landing Page

Key Components of Effective Home Improvement Landing PagesIn an overall sense, developing a strategy for creating effective landing pages is no different in the home improvement industry than in any of the others.

In fact, most customers interact with and react to a website in much the same way no matter what they are buying.

Here are a few suggestions on what elements should be included to make your home improvement landing pages as effective as possible:

Make the headline prominent

Visitors to your site want to know immediately that they have landed in the right place.

A prominent headline will assure them of this fact. In addition, the page should include readily findable contact information – phone number, address, and email – as many visitors to your site are actually looking to contact you in person.

Do not make them search for this info or you will find a disgruntled customer on the other end of the phone or worse… one that decides to move on to a competitor.

Keep the navigation simple

No visitor is inclined to search for subsequent information if it is not clearly defined.

In fact, even a little aggravation when trying to find information may cause them to leave the landing page prematurely.

For better conversions, keep the text focused – and relevant – on the details of your product or service. In other words, no sales pitches are needed at this point.

Instead, get any potential customers as informed as possible as quickly as possible.

Employ visuals

In the 21st century, the old adage that, “A picture is worth a thousand words” still resonates. In fact, the latest generations of consumers are virtually – if you will please pardon the pun – obsessed with pictures and will readily move from any landing page that does not engage them with some sort of visual input.

One caveat… do not overpower the text – where the real information lies – but simply complement the visual with words.

Multiple landing pages should be created

No matter how creative you are, it is impossible to be all things to all customers with a single landing page.

In particular, not all visitors to your website will be at the same stage in the buying cycle.

For this reason, multiple landing pages must be developed and marketed separately.

They may feed into the same back-end but first impressions are truly significant at this stage.


Responsive Design is increasingly important

You need to make sure that your website – not just your landing page – is mobile responsive.

Mobile browsing from tablets and smartphone account for almost 51% of all website traffic.

Your landing page must be optimized for mobile and provide a seamless experience for your potential customer.

Try to remember that online customers are usually creatures of habit.

They fall into patterns defined by the websites of the larger home improvement players so try to model the layout on one of theirs.

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