Can I update my site on my own after you are done?

After your site is complete, you could take over site maintenance, however, code made be sensitive to changes when not handled by the creator. When your website is created using a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, it is easier to add, edit, and delete content. Visual themes that affect the appearance of your website may be more sensitive to edits not made by the original programmer as different programmers have different ways of developing code. Some designs created by development companies may also be subject to copyright. A CMS will usually have a simple visual editor made to be user friendly, this editor is great for creating pages, blog posts, and other post types. There is also the option of hiring the design company to maintain your site, this will help prevent fatal errors in the code.

CMS vs. Raw HTML

A CMS helping you edit information will help you streamline your content creation process as you do not necessarily need to know HTML programming in order to create new pages or blog posts. With raw HTML it is important to know all the necessary code and processes for a web browser to read pages you create, lack of this knowledge may cause errors when attempting to make changes without the assistance of the company that created the design, the difference in programming methods from individual programmers may also cause communication issues when adding new code to existing content.