Do I actually need a website?

The short answer: Yes.

While you may think there is no reason to have a website for your business simply because it is small, many things can come from a website for your business. For example, restaurants can have menus and an online ordering system on their website, allowing for expansion that would not normally be available. If tourists were looking for somewhere to eat while in a strange place they have the option to view what is available in the area and what is served. For businesses that offer services, a website will allow you to showcase previous work for potential clients as a form of quality assurance. This can generate leads when paired with a contact form.

The long answer: It’s complicated.

Having a website is a powerful tool for any business, you generate leads, showcase your work, and create blog posts to inform customers about details of your field. Creating content on your site, such as blog posts or videos, can engage with potential customers and build relationships over time.  Your website is the final destination for any and all content you create in other places. Social media, online advertising, and marketing plans all lead to your website as the face of your brand. Having a single place for everything to coalesce and then continue to branch off to your other content. Social media links on your site can add to your follower count, but linking your site on your social media can cause an influx of leads.

While it is entirely possible to run your brand exclusively from social media and an email address, a website will help consolidate your clientele into an easy to navigate location. There is also the advantage of owning the content on your website, on social media such as facebook and Twitter, your posts can be considered property of the social media sites which means your posts can be taken down and are subject to terms and conditions, leaving you subjectable to censorship.On a website you own, the content you post is completely your own.