How often should I redesign the appearance of my website?

While a sleek website design feels like it should last forever, everything becomes obsolete eventually. While there is no hard rule for how often you should redesign a website, it is suggested that you redesign your website every 2-4 years. This depends on your budget as well as if your design is dependent on popular themes that will lose relevance more quickly than others.

Outdated Design

Eventually your design may become outdated or become clunky as systems such as HTML and PHP versions update. Some features may also look old as new design trends emerge. Older Design may not be responsive to new technology, Mobile phones, for example were not accounted for on websites designed before their existence.


It’s possible that when creating your website the initial goal was to have something simple that works, after that you may want to create something that has a better visual design rather than focusing solely on function.