What do you need from me?

For your website design, you will need to provide content for the pages, photos, videos, and Logos from your Brand. While it is possible for some of this to be created for you, such as hiring writers for content creation, a personal touch helps the website become yours.


Your website will need content to display, this will usually be information about your brand, as well as any services or products you offer. This will usually be written by you. Blog posts can also be a great way to inform potential customers about your brand. These blog posts can be written by you or hired writers and other outsourcing methods.

Photos and videos

While media is not a requirement, long walls of text will often lower engagement. Photos and videos help grab the attention of visitors to your site. Using stock photos, or your own photos will help make your site flow more smoothly.


As with most companies the most memorable thing is their logo, Having your logo as a focal point on your website will help customers recognize your brand. This logo can also act as a “home button” to take visitors back to the front page of your website.

Style/Brand Guide

We want your design to encompass your brand, and to do that we ask you to provide a guide to what makes you stand out from the rest. Be it something simple as your Company colors to a graphic you use for everything important. Your site should be as unique as your business.