What features on my website will generate business leads?

Your business’s website will become a major lead generator, as well as a place to document past services you’ve performed. There are certain features such as contact forms, mailing lists, and CTAs (Call To Action)

Contact Forms

The simplest way to gain leads for your business is to have a contact form on your site. Visitors who are looking to hire your services can contact you with the intent of scheduling a followup meeting with a representative.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists can be created for potential clientele to subscribe to newsletters that can announce sales, in-person demonstrations, and changes in business opportunities. Using analytic systems for your newsletters will also give you a chance to change your appeal method.


CTAs (Call To Action) are buttons, graphics, or links that encourage visitors to make active efforts to contact you in order to do business with you. CTAs will usually lead to pages known as Landing Pages, as the name would imply, these pages are where your visitors will “land” after clicking on a CTA.

Call/Text Now

Having your phone number on your site with the directive of calling or texting whenever available gives potential clients flexibility in when they contact you. It is still recommended that there are clearly listed calling times and a listed time zone,  as the internet is available to all time zones and your site will be visible 24/7

Live Chat

A live chat feature is a back and forth messaging system on your page, it is usually operated by representatives that work for your company. It is important that your available hours be posted in a clear manner as not to cause visitors to become upset at the lack of response. simply because your business has closed for the day

Chat Bots

While live representatives are not available around the clock, having a chat bot as a digital representative can generate leads regardless of what time it is. Chat bots often act as an interactive form that visitors can fill out by responding to questions asked by your chat bot. Certain bots are also able to answer common questions with automated responses created by the owner of the website.