What happens if I don’t update my site?

Despite the hassle it may seem to be to update your site, it is important to do so to avoid issues with security, maintain search engine ranking, and avoid poor performance on your site.


It is important to update your site and all connected software such as plugins as outdated versions pose severe security risks. Many minor updates to these programs are made for the sake of security while major updates are reserved for new features. Using an outdated version increases the chance that hackers may know what the weaknesses are in your version.

Search Engines

Search Engines use special algorithms to assign a “score” to each website based on the relevance of the content compared to the search query. This will often prioritize recently updated sites in the goal of providing the newest and most relevant information to the user. When you do not update your site, this score is negatively affected.


As modern-day technology changes, outdated programs will not be prioritized as heavily. Use Adobe Flash Player as an example, ten years ago the internet used Flash as a way to play animations or simple games within your browser. After Flash’s discontinuation in 2020, all content that used it was removed or updated to a newer media player. Some more modern browsers such as Opera GX created in 2019 never had support for the Flash Player Software. Should your website rely on a program that becomes obsolete, it will stop functioning entirely, most web browsers will try to warn the public of such changes months in advance but it is always important to keep your site updated and fresh.