What happens if my website software doesn’t get updated?

If you see a bunch of notifications asking you to update your website’s software, there’s usually a reason. While most people think that frequent updates are just a way to bloat your storage and fill it with unnecessary data, most updates will help keep your site running smoothly and avoid security threats.

Security Risks

People all over the world can find and report flaws in a system, leading the developer to update their programs, you then have to apply the update for your site. Using WordPress as an example:

  1. Security flaws are discovered in the current version of WordPress
  2. The Development team creates a fix for the issue in a “security patch”
  3. Website owners are prompted to update their WordPress with a prompt stating “WordPress X.X.X is available! Please update now!”
  4. Once the site is updated the security issue will be fixed

Hackers use scanners to search the web and find WordPress sites running on the old version. After they find your site, it’s easy to hack because they know exactly what the security weaknesses are.

Performance Issues

Sometimes using outdated software can cause issues with speed and compatibility when working with multiple programs. If some programs are made to be compatible with newer versions of others. If one program falls behind the rest it will often have issues running correctly and can often slow down other features of the site, This leads to long loading times and lower search engine scores, which may cause your site to be visited less often.