What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, in simple terms it is the art of optimizing your pages to appear in search results for engines such as google and bing. SEO uses keywords and other identifiers to help increase your search engine rankings based on how search engines read your site to identify information relevant to search queries inputted by people browsing the internet.

What is SEO?

In Google, the search results are usually ordered with paid advertisements at the top, followed by results produced via SEO, commonly referred to as “organic search results” SEO is often used to increase the ranking of results in the order of these organic results. SEO is the content, keywords, on-page optimization, and semantic markup used to actively increase the ranking of pages in search engine results.

How Does It Work?

Search engines use several pieces of information to determine what results are most relevant to the query given, these include; page titles, keywords, content, links, and page structure. Page titles and content containing words and phrases that relate to the search query gain a higher rank than unrelated searches. Search engines also read page content for relevance to the search engine’s query. Links to a page on other sites help gain authority (known as “PageRank” in Google) in the eyes of search engines. These links being located on pages already considered reputable add to this rank as well. Page structure factors are based on the quality of the HTML code included in the page’s structure; this will affect how well a search engine can read a page in search of keywords or phrases. The Optimization process is focused around improving these factors in order to increase rank in search engine results.