What kind of unique features can I add to my website?

There are many features that can be added to your website to make it stand out above the rest. A “Hero” banner image at the top of your page featuring important information is a good way to grab the attention of your visitors.If your website is intended to generate business leads, you may wish to consider a feed of testimonials and reviews. You can also add a showcase of services you provide.

Eye Catching Images

Banner Images at the top of your pages can create a high quality header for content being viewed.  Adding smaller images within content such as blog posts can help viewers visualize certain concepts.


Testimonials help potential clientele become aware of opinions from previous customers in regards to services or products you offer, this will help you be seen as a reputable and trustworthy company.


Creating a showcase of your products is a great way to feature the items that are most popular in your online store. You could also use showcase feeds to present completed services for previous customers as a proof of your work’s quality.


Videos are bright and eye catching focal points for your website, the movement of a video pulls the attention of a visitor to your website. If you want your main point to come across in a way that is easy to digest, videos are a great way to do so.

Calls to Action: CTAs

When reading a blog CTAs are a great way to draw the attention of a reader, CTAs are usually a graphic inline with text, placed between paragraphs, you can use a CTA to lead reader to more content focused on the same subject, or you can help inform readers of mailing lists, contact forms, or FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)