What services are included in website maintenance?

Search for Vulnerabilities

Scanning for weaknesses such as missed spam assures you aren’t attacked or taken over. This concern for security drives all other maintenance services forward. Security is the backbone of a good website maintenance plan.

Repair and Fixes

Repairs and bug fixes are all about functionality and sealing cracks in your site. Frequent checks for broken links, both external and internal will help prevent hackers from being able to mislead your visitors to a fake site with malicious intent.

Software Updates

Critical software your site relies on should be updated regularly. A Content management system such as WordPress, its plugins, and themes should be at their newest versions to maintain access to support systems and help avoid known security weaknesses.

Site Speed

Site speed is key to an enjoyable user experience. Using tools such as the Google Pagespeed Insights page you can analyze where your speed is limited. Using this data it is possible to optimize your site. A faster site is also ranked higher by search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your site to have a higher search engine ranking is key to lead generation. SEO maintenance is the key that unlocks the door to high ranks. Having proper Meta descriptions and titles will increase your score as well as relevance to keywords.


Using Google Analytics to track traffic and navigation will allow you to identify what you need to do for a better ranking site. Analytics will also help you identify which pages people first enter your site on. Landing pages will act as a landing pad, directing visitors to the information on your site relevant to the reason they visited.