What slows down my website?

Unoptimized Images

Poorly optimized images take longer to load on your site, Make sure your images are a reasonable size and resolution. Downsizing images will help speed up your site, Make sure that you prioritize text rather than putting important information in images as this will improve loading times and is in better compliance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

Code Issues

Having poorly made code on your site, especially javascript, will drastically lower the rate at which your site will load, leading to user complaints. Optimizing your HTML and JavaScript code will lead to faster run times and smoother performance.

Too Many Ads

Many pages use advertisements on their site to help support the cost of hosting a website. There is a careful balance of having enough ads on a page to earn revenue and having too many ads the will slow your site and reduce the quality of customer experiences.

Poor Caching Methods

A cache is a small amount of data stored on the device accessing a site, when properly set up these caches will lower loading times and make it easier for users to view your site, improper chaching can lead to a lack of data available causing some elements to load incorrectly or not at all this can lead to issues with styles added to text and can cause delays in loading images.