10 Tips to Generate Business Leads With LinkedIn

LinkedIn does not only act as powerful networking system for businesses, but it can also help them generate new leads and sales as well. Think about it, everyone is already using this highly powerful social media site to fulfill or hire job positions, so why not take advantage of all these inquisitive people to increase profit. Generating leads is easy on LinkedIn; you just have to know how to rope them in.

10 Tips to Generate Business Leads With LinkedIn

Here are 10 ways to generate business leads with LinkedIn:

1. Update your status.

Keeping an updated status on your LinkedIn profile is an important way to tell people that you are still there. Just like any other social media site, people want to see that you’re present and active in your site’s content, because if you’re not, why should they be? By merely keeping an updated status, you’re drawing more attention to your page, which could possibly generate leads!

2. Gather recommendations.

Another great facet of LinkedIn is the fact that people may leave recommendations. These can be a great way to showcase all of the wonderful things that you have done for people in the past, and possibly what you could do for others in the future. If you get a shining recommendation, chances are people’s interests will have been intrigued, and they will want to further research and find out about your company. This is an easy possibility for generating leads.

3. Ask for referrals.

Similar to recommendations are referrals. Although not as personal as recommendations, these are a great way to get your name passed along. This can be a give-take action, so talk to the people in your networks and see what you can do. If you promise to pass their name along the next time someone is asking about their field, have them do the same for you. A little bit of name dropping from a reliable source can do wonders for generating your leads.

4. Share interesting, industry related content.

LinkedIn allows people to share content with their connections on a constant basis. This means that if you have just read an amazing article related to your field, or even something that really just inspires you, you are able to connect this link to your status or page in order to motivate others to read it. Sharing content not only is a generous gift to others, but is also gives you the ability to stay present in their mind and spark their interests.

5. Get involved in LinkedIn groups.

Another area you’re able to share content is on group pages. These are the ultimate way of building your network, and also an accommodating way of generating leads. Most of the time you are going into these groups blind, semi-unsure of what you may find; however, regardless of the group, it is easy to make connections to welcoming people. The people that you connect to in these groups may have curiosity in your business, product, or service, so this is the best time for you to generate your leads; all it takes is a little time to get to know someone.

6. Reach out to some 2nd and 3rd connections.

Similar to group joining is the simple act of building your network. Search for people you may know, or people you may want to know. Do you have any second or third connections that intrigue you? If so, go ahead and ask them for an introduction. Even if this process doesn’t help you generate leads immediately, it could help you farther down the road in the future.

7. Link your profile to your blog.

A great way to motivate people to look at your page is by linking your blog to your site. This is not only a great way to self-promote and make yourself appear like an expert in your field, but it also gives them a reason to interact with you by leaving comments or possibly even sharing your post. You can link anything to your LinkedIn profile, so as long as you keep it professional, others can use the information you give them to learn more about you and become interested in what you’re all about.

8. Answer people’s questions.

Another great way to seem like an expert in your field is to answer questions. This is a very useful tool that not only establishes yourself as a guru in the field, but can also be very appreciated and helpful to others. Again, by doing this, you’re able to put yourselves out there for everyone to see; almost giving them a reason to have to go to your page and learn more about you.

9. Ask people questions.

Similar to answering questions is asking them! As a business owner, you can be asking questions to your connections or even creating polls to see what they’re thinking at all times. This not only is fun and interactive for them, but it’s also helpful for you by knowing what your connections are thinking about you at all times. By being interactive with your connections, you’re allowing yourself to stay present in their mind, which means when it’s time to buy, they’ll think of you first.

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10. Invest in pay-per-click advertising.

One final way to generate leads on LinkedIn would be through pay-per-click advertising on the site itself. This is a common thing to all business owners and can easily be done to gain a few extra leads. These pay-per-click ads can be very direct which means they can also be highly effective.

Keeping these things in mind can help you put yourselves out there on the ever-growing social media site that is LinkedIn. As long as your follow these steps there is no way that you want be seen, heard, and eventually wanted when it comes time to make a sale.