How to Increase Your X (Twitter) Followers

Twitter is one of the latest and greatest social media websites to hit the web. Its users are growing constantly with everyday people, celebrities, and even businesses. No matter who you are it’s an obvious desire to have ‘followers,’ similar to ‘friends’ on Facebook, on Twitter. It’s easy to gain followers if you maintain a few key rules while updating your Twitter posts. The rules just may prove the difference of having 10 friends and having 100!


Steps You Can Take to Increase Your Twitter Followers:

Give A Valid Description of Yourself

First, you should keep an updated and unique bio line. This line alone is what some people may judge you on before they follow you or not. You only have 160 characters to portray who you are, so choose what you write wisely. Be yourself and describe who you are or what your business has to offer. It’s even possible to add a link to another website of yours or your business/personal blog. Above all, don’t make it appear to be like spam; you want people to like you for you, not for your new sales pitch.

Put A Face To The Name

Another great rule to follow for getting people to follow you is using a real photo of yourself; not your dog, not a cartoon character, and not an inanimate object. People have a better chance of connecting with a real person rather than some doodle or unknown source; they trust a person with a face. Again, remember to just be yourself and be real, that is how you gain other people’s interest.

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Make The First Move

It’s easy for people to follow you if you make the first move yourself! Start searching people you may know, or even people you may want to know. Most of the time on Twitter, when a user sees that someone new has followed them, they will probably follow that person back; it’s common courtesy. This is a great way for people to look at your page, and perhaps even gain a few nosey followers who are friends of friends. Making the first move is easy, you just need to have a few people in mind.

Advertise Your Page

An additional rule to follow is simply putting your Twitter URL in key spots that people will notice: your email signature, blogs, business cards, flyers, Facebook page, everywhere. This is an easy way for people to gain interest in what you have to say, and in a way, is giving them no choice not to go. If something is constantly in someone’s face, chances are they are going to notice, so by putting your Twitter URL in these key places, people will have no choice but to check you out.

One of the best places to advertise Social Media is in the header or footer (or both) of your website. This practice has become an internet standard and consumers will know to look in these places.

Tweet Away

Finally, a fool-proof way of gaining more followers is to simply tweet interesting things! If people like what they see on your page, like interesting thoughts, stories, and links, then chances are they will want to see more in the future from you and follow you! Keep an updated profile, and always remember to add interesting, unique tweets. You’ll leave people appreciating your page, and help leave an impression that will make them crawling back for more.