Why Customer Testimonials Are Important For Your Business

Give Your Audience What They’re Searching For With Customer Testimonials on Your Website

Most consumers in America today have similar buying habits. Your habits probably aren’t any different, either. Before you decide to try out that new restaurant in town or buy that must-have item online, you look around to see what other people have to say. You don’t have the money to waste on something that won’t live up to all the hype you’re counting on. So, you ask around among the people you know to see what they think. Then you look at those online review sites to get the input of everyone from the enthusiastic, lifelong supporter to those petition-signing boycotters who have nothing positive to say. You know what you want, and what you want is to make an educated buying decision.


The power of a customer testimonial is an incredible thing. This word-of-mouth advertising, known in the marketing world as earned advertising, is the perfect way of promoting your company and brand, acquiring new customers, and rewarding your customers’ loyalty. And with the ever-growing popularity of social media sites, sharing those customer testimonials with a worldwide audience couldn’t be easier.

Are you on the fence about adding customer testimonials to your website? Check out some of the benefits of sharing your customers’ opinions and experiences with your potential clients.

Benefits of Customer Testimonials

  1. Your sales growth and brand reception is greatly impacted by the reviews your customers give. Positive customer testimonials help to establish your credibility and reliability as a business. Negative reviews can sway buyer choices away from your company, but may also provide you the opportunity to show your target consumer how you work to make every situation right for every customer whenever possible.
  2. Customer testimonials help you establish a wide portfolio of clients who have benefitted from your business. This shows potential clients how diverse and versatile your company can be, and just how you may be able to help meet their unique needs, too.
  3. When you post customer testimonials on your own website, you speed up the purchasing process for your customer. Positive customer reviews that are readily available onsite allow consumers to find everything they need to know about your products or services all in one location. The next obviously simple step is the decision to buy.

When you combine the influential power of customer testimonials with the convenience and function of social media, email marketing, and purchased ad space, a comprehensive message about how great your business truly is can be shared among your local, regional, national, and even international audiences.

To learn about the many creative ways to share customer testimonials with your clients, talk to our web marketing experts at Neon Goldfish. We can help you communicate personalized experiences that are sure to attract and expand your audience.

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