Would You Benefit More From a National or Local SEO Campaign

National SEO has been the traditional way of getting businesses ranked high on searches for their keywords. However, the rise of local listings like Yelp and Angie’s List, coupled with changes to Google’s search algorithm, have led to a revolution in how marketers look at SEO. The new field of local SEO concentrates on boosting a site’s visibility for local customers through profiles on these local listings pages and other new techniques. Getting a strong social media presence is also much easier and more effective with a local focus. In this article, we will explain the benefits of going local and how to apply that idea to a social media channel.

Why Local?

  • Focus more on the specific audience near your business who are most likely to convert to buyers or subscribers
  • Helps both online and offline businesses get the most bang for their buck when they are considering their marketing budget, because it leads to better outcomes from fewer impressions or views
  • Gives the business a presence in crucial local listings, which many people consult first when looking for a business, contractor, or service provider

The Social Media Factor

It might seem counter-intuitive to think about social media as a local phenomenon, but the power of tools like Yelp and Foursquare illustrates the point: while social media networks are theoretically free from geographic restrictions, in practice people tend to use social media to chat with the friends they know who live nearby. For that reason, doing local SEO work to boost social media buzz is distinctly different from the experience of doing the same thing at the national level. The local version is far more focused on the characteristics of the local audience, and therefore is more likely to lead to sales. Social media buzz isn’t worth a whole lot if you can’t convert it into better growth, and going local helps you do that. If you are in Toledo OH, it does you little good to know that people are chatting about your business in San Francisco. But if local Toledo residents are impressed, you stand a better chance of making more sales.

Better Outcomes from Local Marketing

The bottom line is that using a local approach just leads to more successful marketing campaigns. If you are a business owner near Toledo OH and you are thinking about SEO services, strongly consider the advantages of a local focus. You are far more likely to bring your brand right in front of the eyeballs of the people who are most likely to buy from you- the Toledo community. A national SEO campaign might have a wide reach, but the impact will be shallow. It is more valuable to have a narrower focus and a greater impact on each person who encounters the campaign. The stronger the impact of your campaign is, the more likely you are to turn a passive audience member into a customer.

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