5 Tips To Increase Your Inquires By 50% – Increase Clients 101

5 Tips To Increase Your Inquires By 50% - Increase Clients 101

It’s not enough to have the best product on the market, the best customer service around, or excellent prices. You need to seize prospect interest in the first place, so they’ll make inquiries learn in detail about all the great benefits of working with your company. 

Fortunately, most of the best ways to drive inquiry also benefit the overall health of your business—ensuring your increased attention leads directly to long-term success. 

Here are five tips that promise significant gains to prospect inquiries:

1) Offer real value

It’s not enough to offer the service a client needs when they need it. You need to offer something that makes it worth their time to commit now, to call now, to sign up for a newsletter now. Delayed or potential gratification simply doesn’t work as well as an immediate reward, even for sophisticated prospects making carefully considered purchases.

Attach value to inquiring: immediate rewards that will compel prospects to act and feel glad they did.

2) Build authority

Building up authority in your industry leads directly to increased inquiries—but of course, it’s not enough to desire authority without proper means to acquire it. So it’s important to understand where your company has the most leverage, unique points of success, and the most interesting stories.

It’s fine to build your authority in a single hyper-specific niche if that’s what makes sense—the appeal and respect of authority stretch far wider than the authority itself.

3) Leverage multiple mediums

While some businesses may thrive on the attention they gain from a single traffic source, such success isn’t reliable to seek or maintain. Instead, you should aim to diversify across multiple marketing channels and an abundance of content mediums.

This gets more eyes on your marketing and, more importantly, leaves a far stronger impression on anyone who comes across your name multiple times.

4) Emphasize customer experience

Good user experience doesn’t just make it easier for interested customers to navigate through your site and commit, it helps keep your insight into customers more accurate, adds value your competitors may not have and leaves a positive impression that translates to positive word of mouth.

It’s that last point which may be the most valuable since positive referrals from satisfied customers do more for a business than nearly any other form of lead generation. Make it great to be a prospect, great to become a customer, and great to be a customer. New prospects will show up en masse.

5) Minimize barriers

Every single step between the desire to inquire and successfully inquiring will lead to a drop-off in inquiries. That doesn’t mean there should be zero barriers between impulse and inquiry, necessarily, but it’s important to bear in mind.

You only want to cull low-value prospects that would never become customers—and even then, it’s probably best to sort leads after you acquire them rather than risking losing high-value leads.

Keep in mind that barriers come in many forms–they can be long sign-up pages with too many components, frustrating website load times, poor site navigation or user interface, excessive demands for personal information, and so on and so forth.

Some should never exist, while others might be necessary to make inquiries worthwhile.

Give Them A Reason And Make It Simple

Increasing lead generation can ultimately be reduced to two simple factors: maximizing reasons to inquire and minimizing impediments to inquire.

Give people plenty of reasons to reach out and stay out of their way, and they’ll fill up your inbox with high-value actionable leads.

It sounds simple, but it can be a monumental challenge if you’re not prepared to invest properly in your site and your marketing.

If you’re ready to start increasing those high value leads and converting those leads into customers, contact us at Neon Goldfish today. We’ve got a proven track record in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes harness their marketing potential.