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8 Things to Look For When Hiring a Web Designer

Use this ebook to help you find the right website designer

8 things to look for when hiring a web designer ebookThe process of hiring a website designer can strike fear in the most confident of business owners. How do I know which to choose? Who will give me the best value for my investment? Which company will work best with my business?

This brief ebook will give you an outline of things that you should consider when interviewing website design companies/individuals to handle your next website design project. We will help you feel confident in knowing you asked the questions that will make the strong contenders rise to the top and weed out those that you’d rather not work with.

Included in this ebook:

  • Criteria to base your decision
  • Questions to ask during the interview process
  • The “Hiring a Web Designer Worksheet” to use during the interview process so you don’t miss anything
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