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Website Traffic Calculator

Step 1:

Website Activity

Adjust the slider to reflect your current monthly website traffic or the current number
of leads your website produces. These numbers are connected with a fixed conversion rate.


Monthly Website Visitors


Monthly Website Leads

Step 2:

Customer Lifetime Value

Set your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV). The LTV is the total value a new customer to your
business and is a prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with them.


Customer Value

how much is a new customer worth?

Step 3:

Customer Close Rate

Assign your average customer close rate. This percentage is the total number of customers divided
by the total number of leads.


Close Rate

Step 4:

Estimated Revenue

Based on the values above, your estimate revenue is displayed here. Adjust the slider
to the desired amount of revenue and see how much additional website
traffic and leads you will need to reach your goal.


Estimated Revenue

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