Marketing Your Trade School During the Summer Months

Summertime for Trade Schools: The Perfect Season for Content Marketing

For most traditional, four-year colleges and universities, students head off to campus in September and pack up their rooms sometime in early May. The standard nine-month school calendar gives students plenty of time for summer activities before heading back to the classroom in the fall.

Unfortunately, this timeline also causes students to remain in school for many years, as most four-year degrees actually take an average of five years or more to complete. Although there are summer sessions offered, student life and campus activities during these months offer just a glimpse of a student’s educational experiences compared to the rest of the year. Basically, summertime at these schools is rather boring.

But, as a vocational or trade school, you offer each and every one of your students a year-round, exciting experience that gives them hands-on training for their career choices. That means, all of your students will be just as involved in their higher educational experience in July and August as they are in February or October.
You can use this to your advantage, and attract new students, while connecting with your current ones, even during those “dog days of summer.”

Some strategic content planning focused around summer activities can help you increase your student enrollment and showcase your school within the community.

  • New sessions are starting now! With new sessions starting frequently, potential students may not have to put off registering for classes for many months at a time. Keep your future students in the loop about what’s happening within the industry, and what they can soon anticipate in the upcoming weeks.
  • The educational experience doesn’t stop just because summertime has arrived. Your students receive an engaging, interactive, real-world education from day one that will continue long past their graduation. Your students are involved in community activities, hands-on learning experiences, and exciting classroom interactions that continue on throughout the course of their education.
  • The school calendar stays full year-round. What’s happening this month at your school? Do you have a series of summertime blogs scheduled to highlight your school and students? Do you hosting an expert guest speaker from within your industry? Will you be participating in college fairs in preparation for your next session of scheduling? When will your next class registration or Open House be taking place? Your students, faculty, and staff are working hard January through December, and there’s a lot to talk about. Highlight campus life all year round because your schedule isn’t limited to nine months out of the year.

Are you looking for new, engaging ways to interact with your past, present, and future students through content marketing? Don’t forget to keep your focus on your students 365 days a year. The summer months can be a great time to attract new students who might be using that time to otherwise consider other four-year colleges or universities for school. Craft your June, July, and August content marketing efforts to reflect the interests of those looking to start classes in the months ahead.

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