E47: Leveraging Profanity to F*cking Connect with Brian Buirge

Brian Buirge of Good Fucking Design AdviceSometimes you have to go to extremes to break through the noise and connect with people… the shock n’ awe approach. For Brian and Jason of Good Fucking Design Advice, that was use of the F-word. Seems like a risky move but it works for them.

Brian Buirge and Jason Bacher operate the unorthodox design website called Good Fucking Design Advice where they share design advice and a lot more by incorporating profanity to connect with their audience. On the surface, it appears to be swearing for the sake of being bold and different but when you dive in to their story, there is so much more to learn.

Brian, the “good cop of GFDA”, joins us on the Neon Noise podcast to discuss the following:

  • How Good Fucking Design Advice was born and the realization their use of profanity was connecting to an audience
  • The rules they established for operating the site
  • Stories of how they approach risk and how they tackle failures
  • How to take risks and creatively break through the marketing noise to be heard
  • Some details about the book they are working on now
  • What the GFDA pledge is and why it exists
  • The current state of design in the online world and the future of design

We hope our conversation with Brian brings you a fresh perspective using a risky approach to cut through the noisy landscape and carve out a space to be heard.

“Experience is the thing you get the moment after you need it” ~ Brian Buirge and Jason Bacher