E29: Overcoming Leadership Challenges with Candela Iglesias

Photo of CandellaBeing a leader can be challenging.  You want to be Mel Gibson in Bravehart but you fear you might come off like Bill Lumbergh from Office Space.  This can be especially challenging if you have just found yourself in a leadership position for the very first time.  

In this Episode of the Neon Noise Podcast, we are joined by Candela Iglesias.  Candela is the author of “Build Your Dream Team: Leadership based on a passion for people” which is a must-read for anyone that manages a team of any shape or size.  

Some of the questions she answers include:

  • What are some of the biggest challenges leaders face?
  • How do you “Build Your Dream Team”?
  • What is the main cause for becoming overwhelmed?
  • How do you resolve conflict between team members?
  • How can a leader keep their team motivated?

We hope our conversation with Candela will give you insight on how you can overcome common leadership challenges and become a more effective leader.