E52: How To Lockdown Your Company’s info with David Harlow

Doing business with customers means we handle sensitive customer data.

We see news headlines of major companies with (perceived) security measures in place having customer data breaches at an increasing rate. This is due to the growing complexities of the business to consumer exchanges and malicious intent of more and more people.

So what do we do? How can we fine-tune our business policies to properly handle this sensitive customer data in a way that will reduce how vulnerable we are to a data breach.

David Harlow is an attorney and consultant in this very arena. He is an expert in the handling of digital security in the public and private sector.

In this episode of the Neon Noise podcast, David joins us to chat about vulnerabilities we have in our businesses and ways we can go about reducing our risk to exposure.

Here are some of the items we dive into:

  • The various types of information breaches
  • Easy steps businesses can take to reduce vulnerabilities
  • Major points of vulnerabilities many businesses have
  • The 3 layers of protection we should all have in place
  • How to create a plan to prevent a security breach and keep information safe
  • Exercises to help train your staff on how to identify threats
  • How you should approach creating and updating passwords
  • The liabilities a business has when they do all the right things
  • How advancements in technology is creating more layers of security but are also vulnerable
  • And much more…

We hope our conversation with David will help you better understand digital security and provide some takeaways you can implement to make the handling of your customer’s sensitive data more secure.