Episode 12: A Live Analysis of a Random Website

In this episode of the Neon Noise Podcast, Justin and I do something a little different.

We conduct a live review of a website we find on Google.

Why?  It’s simple. We wanted to provide a real live sample of what we would go through with someone who contacted us asking for a Free Marketing Analysis.

So, we conducted a Google search and picked a website we thought was pretty nice to start with.  Now bear in mind, the website we review is not someone we’ve ever talked to.  The items we suggest may not align with their particular strategies… perhaps they do not need leads and have all the business they need.  That is a real possibility.  We simply used the site as a sample subject.

What we do is not the entire marketing analysis but does include reviewing a website (that is pretty nice to start with) and providing suggestions on how they could make improvements.

In this exercise, we cover the things we think are particularly good about the website, the existing areas that could be improved on, and things that are missing that could help generate more traffic or convert more leads.

We don’t get into anything outside the walls of the website itself, their goals, objections, and challenges, and marketing strategies for things like SEO, social, paid search, traditional marketing, and lead management.

We hope this live review of a random website will provide you with some useful tips you could use to enhance your website.