E41: Podcast Advertising the Right Way with Glenn Rubenstein

Glenn Rubenstein from Adoptor Media joins Neon Noise to help us understand all the details of podcast advertisingPodcasts are the new kid on the block gaining in popularity to both listeners and advertisers trying to market to these listeners.

Does podcast advertising work?

How is this different than radio?

Who do I contact to get a rate card?

We had lots of questions too so we contacted one of the best in the podcast advertising business to come on the Neon Noise podcast and tell us all about it.

Glenn Rubenstein is a writer, director, journalist, founder of Adoptor Media, and author of Podcast Advertising Works: How to Turn Engaged Audiences into Loyal Customers. As a veteran in a very young industry, he felt compelled to write this book to explain the basics that he would cover in just about every conversation he had with someone interested in learning more about podcast advertising.

In this episode, we cover:

  • A little history on podcasts
  • The difference between traditional radio and podcast advertising
  • The power in finding the right podcast / influencer for your brand
  • Which businesses are the best fit for advertising on podcasts
  • Why podcast listeners are a great audience
  • How podcast pricing works
  • Best practices and expectations for podcast advertisers
  • The benefits of placing podcast advertising through a podcast agency
  • … and much more

We hope our conversation with Glenn gives you a solid foundation of the podcast advertising world and helps you determine if podcast advertising is the medium to help you connect with new customers.