E51: Get More Website Traffic (Google Not Required) with Linda Dessau

Linda DessauI’m not going to blow your mind by stating that blogging is an important component of any content strategy. 

We all know that.

To be fair though, if this is something we all KNOW… why aren’t we all doing it? Additionally, those of us that are doing it might be doing it wrong.

This sounds like my gym routine.

In this episode of the Neon Noise Podcast, we are joined by Linda Dessau.

Linda is the founder of ContentMasteryGuide.com and has been helping others create online content since 2004. Her helpful step-by-step tips and guides provide clarity and and easy to follow approach for anyone looking to get more traffic, leads, customers through their website.

Here are some of the nuggets we talk about:

  1. Why blogging is a key component to any marketing strategy
  2. How to build your business without depending on the search engines – Google Not Required
  3. Her Four Step planning process
  4. How to choose what you should write about
  5. How long your blog post should be
  6. Her 7 Steps to creating a blog post
  7. The importance of teaser text
  8. and much more…

We hope our conversation with Linda helps you create a content creation strategy that will increase your credibility, grow your audience, and help you achieve your business goals.