Create Opportunity and Be Known in Your Industry with Mark Schaefer

Episode 43 of the Neon Noise podcast hosts best selling author Mark Schaefer to talk about his book KNOWN.One of my favorite quotes of all time is “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

This is something I read a long time ago and it stuck with me. I’ve had the privilege of seeing it come true on several occasions and it just makes sense. My hard work was recognized by others and it presented opportunities such as referrals for more work or invitations to speak in front of peers.

Becoming an industry expert is no doubt a fast-track for opening doors. As an expert, you are seen as the go-to person for advice by customers and colleagues. You are presented opportunities that others would never even know existed.

On this episode of the Neon Noise podcast, Mark Schaefer joins us to talk about the opportunities that building your personal brand can present and the details of his newest book KNOWN: The Handbook For Building And Unleashing Your Personal Brand In The Digital Age. His book is the step-by-step blueprint to follow to become KNOWN as an expert in your industry.

Mark Schaefer is KNOWN as a best selling author, blogger, podcaster, keynote speaker, college professor, and facilitator of social media workshops. His experiences and “mindset of continuous and urgent learning” make him an undeniable force to recognize.

“10 Years from now, we’ll look back at this time and wish we could go back. There has no better time in history to take advantage of this opportunity and build a personal brand than right now.” ~ Mark Schaefer

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • Why his book KNOWN is different than the other 2,000 books for sale on Amazon about the topic of Personal Branding
  • The 4 steps that everyone known in their industry took to get there
  • The difference between being known and being famous
  • Why now is the best time in history to become known
  • Why people over exaggerate their fears of publishing content
  • Several fantastic real life stories about helping people become known
  • and much more…

We hope our conversation with Mark Schaefer will show you the value in becoming known in your industry and the opportunities it can create.