E42: Navigating Legal Pitfalls with attorney Michael Prywes

Episode guest Michael PrywesBusiness owners and entrepreneurs are natural DIYers.

As we get a new venture going or try to continue growth of a venture that is beginning to gain traction, we search for ways to save money and turn to the internet for advice in lieu of spending money hiring a professional for expert advice. This holds true for legal advice too.

In this episode of the Neon Noise podcast we host Michael Prywes, a former film and internet producer who became an attorney, for a conversation about the various legal pitfalls a business owner/entrepreneur can face.

Michael is the author of The Gasp: How to Seize That “A-Ha!” Moment and Turn It Into a Winning Business (A Proud Lawyer Guide) which is a guide for creative entrepreneurs starting a business.

During our conversation, we discuss:

  • Common mistakes made by start ups and growing businesses
  • Questions to ask when hiring an attorney for legal advice
  • How to approach attracting investors
  • Pitfalls of hiring and firing employees
  • How you should use sub-contractors
  • Proper use of other’s create work
  • Things to be mindful of when marketing and advertising products and services
  • and much more…

We hope our conversation with Michael provides some helpful nuggets you can apply in your own business.