F*ck Your Excuses: From Prison to 7 Figures w/ Ryan Stewman

Ryan StewmanWarning: This episode does contain vulgar language.

Excuses are not welcome to Ryan Stewman. They aren’t an option.

Ryan’s story is an unbelievable tale riddled with adversity. At a very early age, he began to understand the world of sales and quickly found success. These skills were used in a variety of ways over the years. Some of these ways led to prison time, others to being a top producer in the mortgage industry in 2009.

Ryan now spends his time helping others learn his sales techniques to completely transform their lives and businesses.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Ryan’s interesting background and the events that led him to where he is today.
  • How he pushed through the upper limits that stop so many.
  • The effectiveness of cold calling in today’s environment.
  • Why he creates so much content.
  • How he gets so much done each and every day.

We hope our conversation with Ryan will help you put those excuses in check and break through those upper limits.