E44: All Great People Have Coaches with Stan Way

Photo of StanWe all need guidance no matter how good we are.

All the Greats had Great Coaches… think Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson.

While it might be easy to correct a noticeable performance issue, sometimes the mindset issues are more challenging to see. This is where a skilled coach can make the best one of the greats.

In this episode of the Neon Noise podcast, we have Stan Way join us to talk about his experiences and how his coaching helps others achieve Peak Sales Results. He talks in depth about how most failures are a direct result from not only performance issues but also mindset issues.

Stan Way, the founder, and CEO of Peak Sales Results, helps sales professionals and business owners perfect their sales process. He uses scientifically based, proven concepts to help change your internal mindset first in order to then achieve success.

In this episode, Stan shares with us:

  • Why it is important to correct your mindset prior to correcting your (insert whatever needs to be better)
  • How he is different from business coaches, life coaches, or even other sales coaches
  • What are some of the things that hold us back from achieving our professional and personal goals
  • How he knows cold calling is not totally dead
  • What is the imposter syndrome?
  • How the right virtual sales team can take your business to the next level
  • Why he suggests practicing and recording your sales pitches
  • And much more…

We hope our conversation with Stan gives you insight on how you can elevate your performance to achieve peak results.