E46: Enter the Global Marketplace on Amazon with Stephen Somers

Amazon is a juggernaut in the retail world and anyone can sell pretty much anything in their Marketplace. The trick is learning how to make money doing it.  Can Amazon provide the global platform your business is looking for?

Stephen Somers and his business partner Robert Rickey, of Marketplace Superheroes streamlined the process of selling physical goods on Amazon. They turn an incredible profit by selling boring everyday products that hundreds of people buy.

Stephen Sommers Neon Noise How To Enter Global Marketplace with amazon.jpg

Now, Stephen and Robert started mentoring others and turned it into a community called Marketplace Superheroes. It’s a roadmap of sorts on how to navigate the Amazon.com landscape. It has become the #1 place to learn how to build a sustainable, global Amazon empire.

Stephen stopped by the Neon Noise Podcast to share some secrets to selling your products on Amazon.

Stephen shares with us:

  • Physical Products Are Key
  • How Brick and Mortar stores CAN sell on Amazon
  • See yourself as an investor, not a reseller
  • How to Keep Your Products Simple
  • Why Bundling Your Products Helps Your Bottom Line
  • The Rule of 5
  • (4) S Product Gauntlet
  • Amazon’s Pay Per Click System

We hope our conversation with Stephen helps you gain insight on how to rethink your current selling strategy and how to enter the amazon.com marketplace successfully.