E36: Small Shifts That Have a BIG Impact with Tim Furlong

Tim Furlong author of Quarter TurnsWe want to have impact in with everything we do.

As entrepreneurs, we want to leverage our time and get the best results from the effort we put into each action we perform. At times, we find ourselves scratching our heads wondering what we can do to better connect with people or project ourselves to achieve the desired end result.

Tim Furlong joins the Neon Noise podcast to share how to make small changes (quarter turns) to get big results. He is the author of Quarter Turns: Small Shifts That Have A Big Impact, a master public speaker, business coach, and has a new online course to help you become a better presenter / speaker.

In this episode, Tim covers:

  • Why New Years’ Resolutions do not work
  • How to leverage your subconscious
  • The power of being clear on what you want
  • The importance of becoming clear about your brand and core values
  • Becoming a better communicator
  • How your presentation should be like a rock concert
  • The most common presentation mistakes

We hope our conversation with Tim will help you understand how small changes can make big impacts in your professional and personal lives.