E33: Get Your Website to Peak Performance with Wayne Mullins

Ways to Get Your Website to Peak Performance with Wayne Mullins“If you build it, they will not come…” is a quote from Wayne Mullins eluding to the idea that simply building a website will lead to a flood of online leads and more traffic than one business could handle. There is so much that you need to focus on when building a website and even more once you’re done. To think otherwise is foolish.

Wayne Mullins of Ugly Mug Marketing joins us for this episode of the Neon Noise podcast to dive into several different areas about improvements to a website that will yield results. Some of the things Wayne shares with us include:

  • How David Ogilvy helped him come up with his company name
  • Why entrepreneurs are their own worst enemies when it comes to marketing
  • Why simply having a website is not enough
  • Why we need to be laser focused about our actions
  • Thoughts on copying the competition
  • The importance of video and story telling in marketing
  • and much more

We hope our conversation with Wayne will help you with improvements to your website.