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Need a Little Help?

You’ve got the basics, but you know there is always room for improvement. The first tool in your arsenal of marketing mojo is to have a formal marketing audit done.  With a marketing audit, you can uncover some suggestions that could help you clinch those #MarketingGoals for the new year.

Website: Is your website mobile responsive? Does it function the way you want it to? Does it connect with your target audience? Your website is your digital online presence. It should function as the first step someone takes before picking up the phone or filling out a form. You need to bring your target customer along and help them choose you for their services.

Buyer Persona: It’s not all about you is it? Having your buyer persona is crucial to any marketing strategy. Your perfect potential lead isn’t everyone. Make sure you’ve honed in and really thought about who your marketing to and their wants and needs. With Buyer Persona in hand, your marketing can become streamlined and focused on your buyers and what they want.

Content: Is your content connecting with your website visitors? Your content and content offers need to solve the problems your company solves for your potential lead. Make sure you’re creating and posting content that aligns with your buyer persona.

Call To Action: Perhaps underused on many websites, your CTAs have a purpose. They can help your buyer along their journey and help you segment them into a prospect, lead, and finally customer. You need to create a CTA’s that speak to your prospect, help them become a lead, and then finally a customer. Putting the right offer, in front of the right potential customer, at the right time.

CRM: It’s too expensive! That’s one of the things we hear from clients when we ask if they use A CRM. Here’s the thing, CRM software can be paid for with one customer typically. Using a CRM helps you stay on top of your leads and monitors the engagement of your potential leads, meaning you know more about your customers. Utilizing and maximizing your CRM benefits can help you become more organized and automate a lot of your process for you.

Analytics: Even if you don’t know how to pull the data sheets, someone on your team needs to know how to analyze the traffic that’s coming to your website and specific web pages. You need to monitor and find out what works and doesn’t with your potential leads. Looking at your website traffic can give you a picture of exactly what your leads are looking for so you can adjust your content accordingly.