Common Mistakes Associated With Landing Pages and SEO

Landing pages are thought to be extremely important aspects of a company. Not only are they additional pieces of information that promote and advertise the company, but they are also prime contenders for making conversions that turn prospective shoppers into satisfied customers. Unfortunately, not everyone has mastered their landing pages just yet and are actually guilty of making a few common landing page mistakes, especially related to SEO, which is vital to the page’s success. Luckily, though, these mistakes have been identified and listed here in order to save you from making the same common mistakes. Don’t let your landing page get left in the dark; start fixing these common mistakes today!

One common mistake businesses tend to make when creating their landing pages is creating a spam-like page that is stuffed with keywords. Yes, of course, you want your landing page to be noticed by Google and ranked well, so you believe that the more related keywords you use, the higher your SEO ranking will be. Unfortunately, you’re wrong, and you’re actually hurting your SEO ranking by doing this. When you stuff your landing page with repetitive keywords you start to appear like spam, and this is something that both consumers and Google does not like or appreciate. For everyone’s sake, including your own, it’s better to write in a natural manner that includes your keywords in a reasonable amount throughout. What you’re writing should make sense, flow well, and still get your point across, so if your landing page does anything but this, it’s time to reevaluate.

Speaking of bad repetitive keywords, it’s also thought to be bad or harmful to use any repetitive information at all. Duplicate content is both annoying for customers to read, and a huge red flag for Google to recognize. Often times duplicate content means plagiarism or just sheer laziness, so instead of making the common mistake of copying and pasting product information or simply using the description given by the manufacturer, think about writing your own descriptions that are unique, clever, and alluring. You should know your products, and even if you believe the manufacturer description is dead on, you should still be able take a spin off of it and create a better, well-worded description.

Finally, one last mistake that businesses often make is getting impatient, frustrated, or complacent with their attempts at achieving a higher landing page SEO. Achieving a high ranking SEO is a process that takes time, effort, and patience, so before you even create a new landing page, you have to understand that you’re going on a journey with this page, and it may take time to achieve the results you want. Don’t forget to stick with it, and even if you do end up reaching the results you wanted, don’t become complacent with your efforts; your number one ranking spot can be taken away in an instant if you’re lazy. Avoid this mistake along with the others and you’ll be well on your way to having a landing page that ranks well and pushes those conversions for you.