Blogging has become one of the most strategically used tools in the marketing world today. A blog – an online journal – has become a means of communicating news, interests, lists, and other valuable information that readers might find helpful or interesting. Although many individuals have created personal careers out of professional blogging, businesses have also begun reaping the benefits that come from regular blogging as well. For businesses, frequent blogging can serve as an invaluable means of attracting, and engaging with, new clients on a consistent basis.

At Neon Goldfish, we understand which strategies need to be designed and implemented in order to make your blogging efforts produce successful results for your business. We also understand the potential impact that blogging could have on your company’s online presence and audience acquisition, and seek to equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to create a truly successful blog.

Maybe you don’t feel you have the skills needed to write Internet-quality blog posts for the world to see? No problem. No matter what your industry may be, our ghostwriting services can provide your website with regularly featured content for your readers to enjoy that is both relevant and interesting. Let our content marketing team get started today, creating content that your site visitors can enjoy and rely on throughout the future.

How Does Blogging Benefit Your Business?


Fresh blog content keeps your website dynamic

Blog content allows you to keep your website engaging and updated on a regular basis. Readers love this, but search engines love this even more.

Showcase your personality and set yourself apart from your competitors

Blogging can serve as the perfect means for setting yourself apart from others in your industry, and establishing yourself as an industry leader.

Blogging can help boost your website’s ranking in search engines

Blogging allows you to produce more valuable content than you could ever contain on your website alone. This SEO-rich content helps improve your search engine rankings.

Blogging can help drive new traffic to your website

This is the trophy of success that every Internet marketing program hopes to accomplish. When consumers visit your website, then open the door to everything they could need, want, or like from your business.

You maintain control of your online presence with blogging

Blogging allows you to decide what type of online presence you’ll have, and exactly what message you’ll convey to your readers. So many variables can impact the success of your marketing strategies. Take back some control with blogging by deciding, what your message is, its frequency, where it can be read, and the strategy behind it.


Blogging is the hub of your online presence

What exactly does that mean to you? Your regular blog posts connect your website to the world and vice versa. Blogs will link readers back to YOUR website, helping to drive more traffic your way. Blogs can be easily shared through social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and others, spreading your message to countless numbers of potential readers with just the click of a button. And, effective blogging works in conjunction with search engine marketing to increase your company’s visibility to the world.