Expand Your Search Marketing Efforts With Paid Search

Another strategic way to use the search engines to your advantage involves a different avenue known as Paid Search. Paid Search campaigns, which commonly use a platform known as AdWords on Google, and are an excellent method to garner immediate traffic to your website and increase your customer leads.

Also known as CPC (Cost-per-Click) or PPC (pay-per-click), Paid Search platforms allow you to choose the keywords you want to appear for and you pay for actual visits to your website.  Your placement on the page depends on how much you are willing to pay per click coupled with some other factors as well. In addition to the keywords you select, you have complete control of the amount of money you spend, the specific geographical areas you will appear and even the time of day you want them active.

The Neon Goldfish team can help you set up and maintain a highly effective, comprehensive Paid Search campaign that works in unison with your other marketing strategies. We are committed to providing you with confidence knowing that you will receive the best return-on-investment possible.