Web Designs That Excite And Engage Your Ideal Customer

Your website is one of the most important tools you can utilize today in order to successfully market your business to the world. The world is dynamic, always evolving and changing, and your business is, too. Your website needs to accurately reflect the dynamic changes your company aspires for. Don’t let your customers’ first exposure to your business be from an out-dated, uninviting website.

From start to finish, your website will most likely serve as a one-stop-shop during your customers’ buying experiences. Your site will provide visitors a window into the world of your business, telling of your professionalism, creativity, modernism, and personality. Your website design will send a message to your potential customers. What do you want that message to say?

Evaluating the Old vs. the New

At Neon Goldfish, when we discuss website design with our clients, there are several questions we tend to ask them. These questions not only give us a feel for our clients, but also help us determine which design should prove the most successful. Some of these questions include:

  • What image do you want your business to portray, both online and offline? Does your current website accurately reflect that image?
  • Is your current website successfully helping you expand your customer base? What is/is not working with it?
  • What do your competitors’ websites look like compared to yours?
  • Who is your target audience of site visitors?

Answers to all of these questions, and others like them, will greatly influence how we will design your website.

Why Choose Neon Goldfish for your Web Design Project Instead of ‘The Other Guys’

The Price is Always Right

Neon Goldfish is not going to be the most expensive nor the cheapest option you can choose but you will get value for your investment and you will know what your entire project cost will be from day one.  We hate surprises and want you to know up front what you will have into the project.


We understand that a website under construction is not helping your business at all.  Neon Goldfish has developed a thorough and swift website construction process so you know the status of your project and have confidence it will be completed quickly and properly.


We’ve been successfully designing and maintaining websites for more than 10 years, serving small business and large corporations in various regions throughout the nation. We can confidently take on even the most extensive design needs and provide you with an end product that you’ll be proud of.