Showcase the Benefits of a Trade School with a Blog

Give Prospective Students all the Reasons Why a Trade School / Vocational School Education Just May Trump that University Degree

When future students are on the hunt for the right school to attend, they are often bombarded with the seemingly impossible choice of deciding which place has the most to offer them. As a vocational or trade school, you may be looking for some simple yet attractive ways to connect with potential students and shine a light on all you have to offer.

Blogging the benefits of trade school education.

Like most marketing efforts, the most successful ones allow businesses to connect personally with their audience while showcasing what sets them apart from the competition. Blogging is a very relevant, practical, and cost-effective ways to accomplish this goal. Everyone reads blogs these days; just Google the number of blogs online and you’ll be shocked.

With an excess of 100 million (and counting) blogs in the U.S. in 2014, there are blogs for virtually every person’s interests. As you’re mapping out your newest trade school marketing strategy, consider blogging about the numerous benefits a specialized education from a vocational school can offer.

5 Benefits of a Trade School Education

1. Practical vs. Academic Education

Your students receive a high quality, cutting edge from industry leading professionals. They begin taking field-related courses immediately, receiving hands-on training that will be used in their future careers. Students can complete their education and get started in their careers in a matter of months instead of years. Students at major four-year universities must take pre-requisite classes and elective course fillers simply to complete their degree requirements. This costs students unnecessary time and money.

2. Affordable Prices

This may sound repetitious, but the vast majority of students who choose to attend trade or vocational schools save money and go into less debt than those who attend four-year universities. With inflated university tuition costs increasing every year, students are graduating with more and more debt that they struggle to pay back. By eliminating unnecessary course work, and focusing training only on those classes directly pertaining to each area of training, vocational schools like yours can save students thousands of dollars.

3. Job Placement

A large number of vocational and trade schools boast their job placement programs. In today’s economy, finding a job or getting your foot in the door can be extremely challenging. For university graduates feeling the stress of paying back those impending student loans, finding any job is a matter of desperation. If you offer career placement opportunities, your students graduate with a key advantage over traditional four-year college graduates.

4. State-of-the-Art Facilities

As a vocational or trade school, you’ve chosen to limit your courses of study to a select number of fields. This allows you to pool your financial and teaching resources into efforts to help each of your students excel in their fields of study, versus spreading your resources out over hundreds of majors and thousands of classes. Students receive training in state-of-the-art facilities with industry-specific technology that may not be available in universities that are forced to cut costs and spread their funding thin.

5. Specific Career Plan

When students graduate from major universities, many are left with vague, non-specific degrees that leave them struggling to find a career path after graduation. What do you do with a degree in History, Liberal Studies, or Chinese Studies? Although those are great areas of study with a wide range of career possibilities, for many students graduating with these degrees, and ones similar, the next step after graduation can be a tough one. But, your students can leave school feeling confident that the education they received has prepared them specifically for the career path they are now on.

As a vocational school, your students will experience an exciting education that prepares them for their career path. There’s no better way to increase enrollment than to blog about those benefits for the entire world to see.

To get started with an attractive new blog that is inviting to potential students, just ask our blogging experts at Neon Goldfish. We can set you up with a marketing strategy that can help you generate new leads and keep you in contact with them in the future. Call today to learn more.