The Benefits of Using Buyer Personas for Lead Generation

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The use of buyer personas is standard practice in almost every successful marketing campaign.

These semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer can provide significant benefits to those that take the time to create them properly. By researching and interviewing past, current, and prospective customers, you can identify the problems and challenges these particular types of customers have and speak to them directly. 

The Benefits of Using Buyer Personas

1. Guesswork is eliminated With properly researched and delineated buyer personas, you can eliminate the guesswork about what content should be placed where. Multiple landing pages, segregated by persona type, are integral to this tactic and deliver a company’s marketing message to the potential buyer in as few clicks as possible.

2. Customer confidence is built – Developing separate buyer personas allows your team to use the specific buzzwords, slang and vernacular terms that are most familiar to each particular demographic. While a seemingly small item, speaking the “language” of a particular persona actually creates a bond of trust between your marketing message and the buying community you are trying to reach. It is an incredibly compelling tactic if used correctly.

3. Ad spending will be more focused Once the personas are created, your marketing team should have a very focused idea of where the various demographics go for information. This fact, in turn, allows them to target your spending into the proper advertising channels. For instance, you should be able to identify the right online publications being read by your demo and target specific ads to that site.

4. Conversion rates are increased Converting potential clients into actual buyers is the true aim of the marketing department. Therefore, once a demographic is identified, your marketing team can develop any number of strategies directly focused on converting these potential buyers. From optimized landing pages through individualized emails to customized blog posts as well as videos, the sky’s the limit as to what information you can push to the right consumer.

5. Overall ROI is improved – The return on investment of “buying persona” projects is relatively high. While it does take some time from the marketing team’s other efforts, if managed properly, this task can be accomplished with only moderate costs. In short, every sale attributable to developing buying personas yields an extraordinarily high ROI.

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