The Time to Claim Your Google Business Profile Short Name is NOW

The Time to Claim Your Google My Business Short Name is NOW

Author’s note: This post was written July 3, 2019. Updates have been made and short names are no longer able to be claimed.

In the last few months, Google has slowly rolled out a few new features for Google Business Profile account owners. The Googs didn’t release a ton of information on how these new features are going to be used, but since it’s Google, you’ll want to stake your claim to the new features.

You can now select a short name and URL for your business. But you’ve got to act fast. Since Google is still in the process of rolling out this new feature, some businesses aren’t caught up with the changes. As word gets around, your short name availability may become extremely limited.

What is a Short Name?

A short name is a shortened URL relating to your Google Business Profile listing. They take two forms: and @shortname. The key is using SEO keywords related to your business instead of using your business name.

This allows your short name to pop up in a local search and lead directly to your business profile. For example, a local ice cream shop can claim a short name like @CityNameIceCream so the business will appear in any search for ice cream in your city. Google soon plans to integrate @shortname with Google Maps to bring up business profiles as well.

How Will it Benefit my Business?

Your short name will allow you to do more with your local Google listing and on Google Maps. It makes it easy to give customers a way to find your Google Business Profile. It is also a great promotional and branding tool. You can use the link anywhere from business cards and ads to social media and location pages.

Why You Need to Claim Yours Now

Claiming your Google Business Profile short name immediately will give you the best chance at getting the URL you want-one that relates most to your business. You risk losing the best possible short name that packs the most SEO punch by not acting fast. You also risk losing your short name to a competitor or someone posing as your business.

The Time to Claim Your Google My Business Short Name is NOW

Google Business Profile short names were introduced in April and are still being rolled out. So, the sooner you claim yours, the better. You must reserve your short name before someone else does.

How to Claim Your Short Name

Creating your Google Business Profile short name is pretty straightforward. Follow these simple steps:

1. Sign in to your Google Business Profile account.

2. Select the location you will be adding for a short name.

3. Click “info” from the menu. Then go to “add profile short name.”

4. Enter your short name.

5. Click “Apply” or “Save.” (It appears differently on desktop vs. mobile.)

If you have questions about Google Business Profile short names or need help claiming yours, turn to Neon Goldfish. Our digital marketing experts will lead you through the process and help you select a short name that will make your business stand out. Let’s chat about your short name today!