Tips for Successful Marketing at College Fairs

Standing Out at College Fairs With Outstanding Promo Materials

Step inside any given college fair and you’ll find yourself surrounded by hundreds of students and dozens of schools at one time. Here, your recruiters have an opportunity to connect with potential students and increase your school’s name recognition. But, as a small trade school looking for new students, how do you stand out and make an unforgettable statement when you have to compete against major universities with marketing budgets two or three times larger than yours?
Students looking at marketing booths at college fair
Perhaps, the key to connecting with the next batch of incoming students is to wow them with innovative promotional materials they can’t ignore. Take a moment to consider how these tips could boost your image at your next college fair event.

1. Make a Digital Connection With College Fair Attendees

While the typical college fair booth set-up includes a banner, promotional signage, brochures, and a sign-up clipboard, having those materials alone will not make your booth stand out in the crowd. Every booth is essentially the same. Instead, try setting up a station with WiFi access and tablets where students have direction access to your website. They can sign-up to receive additional school information, schedule a meeting with an adviser, or check out that intriguing new blog article a professor just wrote. Technology has changed the way people research what they’re looking for. Don’t forget to include it in your efforts to market your school to potential students.


2. Bring the Virtual World to Life

Your prospective students experience virtual realities on a daily basis. Video games, Fantasy Sports leagues, movies, and many medical procedures comprise a list of countless virtual reality encounters that individuals can have. Capitalize on this technology by providing booth visitors with a virtual tour of your campus and classroom facilities. Allow your future students to hear testimonies from other students, faculty, and staff. They can experience a first person view of your school without having to sacrifice travel time or money in the process.

3. Give Your SWAG a Modern Day Update

Man talking to prospective studentTraditional booth giveaways at college fairs usually consisted of t-shirts, click pens, or Frisbees. And while people love to get free stuff, try appealing to a more tech savvy audience by giving away cool and useful techie items like thumb drives, ear buds, or even cell phone cases that feature your school logo or colors. You might even consider offering free giveaways or printable materials that can be accessed by scanning a unique QR code. Incorporating a little bit of technology into your promotional giveaways can add some extra kick to your visitors’ first impressions of your school.

4. Give Your On-Scene Promotional Signage Some Extra Kick

Incorporating technology is great, and essential, to every successful marketing strategy you employ. But, there still is a relational, human element to marketing that will allow you to connect with booth visitors and hopeful students on a more personal level. You need to stand out in a see of other college booths, so be sure to have professionally designed, high quality, original signage and handouts that will stand out above the rest. You can be responsible for supplying the personal element by manning your booth with energetic, relatable, and outgoing recruiters who can bring the heart and soul of your school to life. We’ll provide the materials that will enhance your message and connect with your future students.

If you’re looking to make some integral changes to your marketing presentation for college fairs, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals. Sometimes, in-house marketing doesn’t bring the same impact that strategic planning from an expert can. At Neon Goldfish, we have a complete team of marketing experts ready to create a complete package of outstanding promotional materials to help your trade school stand out in the crowd. Check us out online at